Hello, friends! It is, once again, that awesome time of classes, undergrads, no parking… oh, and another tally mark to your years in school. And also add to that new friends, more data… more of the good stuff too! ;p

To help with the back to school blues (more like I’ve been here the whole…

I found my old LiveJournal today, and this is an English assignment from 2006 that I posted.

This is how you learn to get ready quickly for school when you wake up at 7:15; yes, mom, I AM going to wear another black shirt, and no, it does NOT mean I’m depressed, so just get over it already!; this is how you do homework that’s not due for a week and clean your room and practice guitar and read a 200-page book at 11:30 the next night because you have too much energy to go to sleep right now, even though you’ve been exhausted all day and fell asleep watching The Daily Show an hour ago; don’t forget to make time for math or history or chemistry study sessions in between guitar lessons, dance, academic bowl, and the seventeen other clubs you’re in; this is how you learn to sleep on a bus going to Jefferson City on the bumpiest road ever at 6:00 in the morning; you should always appreciate a Saturday when you actually get to sleep in because those don’t happen very much; this is how you learn that you have a Latin test next hour that you completely forgot about and pretend to freak out like everyone else but remain calm inside because you always ace just about anything without studying; but you still have to study for math sometimes because it’s the only class that threatens your 4.0, though you usually do okay, but right now you have a 92%; you’d better complain like everyone else when the sub hands out an easy busy-work assignment even though you always enjoy them because you finish in five minutes and have the rest of the hour to read the latest Michael Crichton book; this is how, when you have nothing to do, you start thinking about feelings and how you wish they could be persuaded to follow logic, but they can’t –why can’t I just make him like me? There are so many ways I should be able to convince him, but I can’t; and so, when this happens, you throw yourself harder into your work or go work out and run until your legs are numb to get your mind off of stupid thoughts, because pushing yourself as hard as possible to do what you don’t think you can do is what you’re best at

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